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How Football Works: Making the world’s most popular sport make sense

Football can be tough to pin down. With so much happening on the pitch, we tend to talk about tactics at a high level — they played on the front foot in a 4-2-3-1 — without really getting down to how the game actually works: roles, runs, rotations, reads, assignments, triggers, timing, angles, distances and all the other details that make up a style of play. Where would you even start?

In this ongoing series, John Muller takes a closer look at the mechanics of the game, one little piece at a time, comparing how different teams play — and why — to help make football make sense.

Each edition can be found below.

Wall passes, pressing triggers and jumping your opponent

Third-man combinations in the double pivot

Cutting the pitch in half


Midfield pivots and receiving the ball across the body

(Header: design by Eamonn Dalton)

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