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Arsenal teammates are living together and ‘sharing wives,’ says Mikel Arteta

Arsenal F.C. manger Mikel Arteta addressed the on-field altercation between teammates Oleksandr Zinchenko and Ben White during the team’s latest victory over Nottingham Forest, joking that they even “share wives” now, so fans can be at ease.

Arteta, 41, had to break up Zinchenko and White during their spat. He told the media on Friday that they are good friends, explaining how people mainly fight with loved ones.

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“Yeah… They’ve been in the same house the past few days sharing wives and everything,” Arteta said. “It’s fine they’re living together now. They’re best mates.

“You don’t argue with someone if you don’t have a great relationship. That happens because you have the trust and chemistry with somebody to react the way they did.”

Mikel Arteta joking?

While some fans believe Arteta suffered a language barrier moment, others really took his words seriously, but the truth is most likely that he was joking.

Arteta’s joke, however, came across a bit awkward, considering that some people now think his players are swingers.

Neither player has commented on Arteta’s comments. It’ll be interesting to see how the Premier League players and their respective wives receive such words.

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