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Manchester City banked record £176m for winning Premier League, as merit payments up to £3.1m

Manchester City collected a record £176.2million ($225m) for winning the Premier League title last season, a 15 per cent increase on the previous campaign.

The Premier League has released its annual report for the 2022-23 season and included are the central distribution figures handed to all 20 clubs.

Manchester City’s third consecutive title win earned them the greatest reward, ahead of Arsenal (£172.2m), Manchester United (£168.3m), Newcastle United (£164.3m) and Liverpool (£162.9m).

Tottenham Hotspur were next with £151.9 million, despite finishing lower than Brighton & Hove Albion (£149.7 million) and Aston Villa (£148.3m) in the final table. That was due to Spurs being televised 26 times in the UK, earning them a greater share of the facility fees on offer.

Southampton, who were relegated to the Championship after finishing bottom of the Premier League table, still collected £103.6m.

The latest figures illustrate the increasing financial strength of the Premier League as it entered a new TV cycle last season.

Rights for a three-year period, running from 2022-23 to 2024-25, were sold for £10.05bn, with international rights eclipsing domestic rights for the first time.

That saw every club benefit financially last season but none more so than Manchester City. The reigning Premier League champions earned £153m when winning the 2021-22 title but the most recent crown was worth an additional £23m owing to a leap in international merit payments.

An improved overseas TV deal meant that every place in the table was worth an additional £1.4m last season, as opposed to £368,000 the previous year. Combined with merit payments from the domestic TV deal, every place in the Premier League table is now effectively worth £3.1m.

The other variable remains tied to facility fees, where clubs are awarded a sum for every time they have a game broadcast live in the UK. Every Premier League club is now guaranteed at least £91.7m through its equal share, merit payment and a cut of the central commercial pot before additional money then comes from facility fees.

The three relegated clubs all earned nine figures last season, with Southampton (£103.6m), Leeds United (£111.m) and Leicester City (£114m) earning more than any club did during the 2015-16 season.

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