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Lionel Messi rocks new Simpson-inspired sneakers at Royal Caribbean event

Lionel Messi is gearing up for his second season with Inter Miami in 2024. Meanwhile, Messi is taking the time to engage with the press and participate in events, as he recently did sown in his new home city of Miami. There, he attended the send-off ceremony of the luxurious cruise ship “Icon of the Seas” by Royal Caribbean. But one detail about the Argentine star caught everyone’s attention.

Leo attended the ceremony wearing Inter Miami attire, but with particularly colorful and distinctive footwear. Social media quickly picked up on his sneakers because they were none other than the Forum Low Simpsons, a limited edition from the adidas brand. True to their name, they feature a theme from “The Simpsons.”

Messi and Inter Miami amazed by exclusive acrobatic show on Miami cruise

Yes, Messi‘s sneakers, which had brown, pink, lime green, and violet colors, are inspired by the iconic American animated series. In fact, the design and color choices are linked to the living room of the Simpsons family.

Messi is now the face of the Icon of the Seas

Leo was chosen as the embassador of the Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s impressive new ship. As the “Icon,” as the company’s president defined him, Messi had the honor of activating the mechanism to baptize the ship.

After a particular speech, where he even had to say a few words in English, the captain of the National Team took a ball and placed it on a stand. Immediately, as is the magic that happens whenever Messi handles a ball, a bottle slid along a cable and hit the ship’s hull directly.

“First of all, I would like to thank the entire Royal Caribbean group for giving me this privilege. It is a great honor for me. I know what this ship means for the city of Miami and for the whole world. So, without further ado, I name this ship Icon of the Seas. God bless it and everyone who sails on it,” were Leo’s chosen words during the presentation.

“We chose an exceptional person as the figure for this send-off. Someone who transformed football and became the GOAT,” said Jason Liberty, the company’s president, regarding Leo.

Beyond the spectacular inauguration, the event also served to seal the new commercial agreement between Inter Miami and Royal Caribbean as the main sponsor and Official Vacation Partner of the club. And, of course, at this point, Leo was no longer the sole protagonist. All his teammates took the stage and presented the jersey with the new sponsor: the company’s icon on the front.

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