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Apple Music reveals Lionel Messi’s favorite songs: Bad Bunny, Drake, Coldplay and more

Lionel Messi is always focused and ready to play on any given matchday. Once he’s on the pitch, he’s all business, which has led to countless goals and trophies.

What gets Messi locked in before games? Like most athletes, he puts on some tunes and zones in. Now, we finally know what he listens to.

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Lionel Messi reveals his favorite songs and artists

On Tuesday, Apple Music launched a playlist with Leo’s top songs, called “Messi: The Warm-Up“.

The playlist got everyone talking, mainly because we’ve never really known what type of music Messi likes, but also because of the variety of songs he chose for the playlist.

The playlist is heavy on Latin music, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the Argentinian’s roots. There we see Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma and more pop up.

There are some rap songs as well, with Drake and Rick Ross making appearances. There’s even rock, as he listens to U2, AC/DC and Coldplay songs. Gorillaz and Rihanna show up also.

Fans were particularly intrigued that a lot of the songs featured are getting up there in age; songs like “Vertigo“, “A Dios le Pido” and “Don’t Stop The Music“. Messi, like everyone else, loves the classics.

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