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LaLiga scandal: fan violates Sevilla player with finger during throw-in

An unprecedented incident occurred during the Rayo Vallecano-Sevilla game on Monday. A local fan sitting front-row at Madrid’s Vallecas stadium took advantage of a throw-in by Lucas Ocampos to violate the Sevilla player’s rear end in a shocking gesture.

Unruly fan sticks finger in player’s rear end during LaLiga game, in shocking incidentMarca

The local supporter reached out his arms and prodded the Argentinian player’s back end with his finger. The gesture naturally sparked immediate outage from Ocampos, who later told the media that he held back solely due to the fact that he has “two daughters”.

Lucas Ocampos was violated by the fan, but held himself back

The Argentina National Team player quickly turned around and clapped back at the young man with some strong words. Nevertheless, he didn’t lay a hand on him and proceeded to alert referee Hernndez Maeso, who then informed the Rayo Vallecano assistant of what happened.

After the game, Lucas Ocampos spoke on Spanish TV to give his version of events: “I hope LaLiga takes this seriously, just like the issue of racism. I don’t think all the Rayo fans are like him, they usually always treat us with respect. Sadly, there is always a fool out there. I hope this doesn’t happen in other games, because if this happened in women’s football, we all know what could happen.

A frustrated Ocampos continued to vent: “I held back because I have two daughters, and I hope one day it doesn’t happen to them. So let’s hope they (LaLiga) take the disciplinary measure they have to take and that one fool does not tarnish this fanbase, who have behaved very well”.

Sevilla made an official statement regarding Ocampos

After the match, Sevilla issued a strong official statement: “Sevilla FC deeply regrets the incident that occurred on Monday in the match against Rayo Vallecano, in which our player Lucas Ocampos suffered an obscene and totally inappropriate gesture by a local fan. Sevilla FC hopes that the appropriate measures stipulated in the regulations will be taken so that such behavior is not repeated on a football field, and we have conveyed this to LaLiga. These gestures and behaviors can not be allowed in our competition if we aspire to be the best league in the world”.

The statement ended with praise for Ocampos: “Finally, Sevilla FC conveys its maximum support to Lucas Ocampos, who demonstrated his maturity and enormous professionalism, despite the unacceptable attitude of the fan who rebuked him.”

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