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German team president retires with a wish: This dirty Nazi sh*t has to go, puke in their faces every day

Peter Fischer was president of Eintracht Frankfurt from 2000 until Monday. The now honorary president of the Bundesliga club gave a significant farewell speech during the club’s general assembly.

Fischer is a person who has been very committed to the social struggle for many years. He is deeply unhappy about the political situation in Germany.

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“My wish in life is not that Eintracht Frankfurt should be champions or Champions League winners again. My wish in life is for this Nazi shit to disappear, to explode in the air, wherever it is. Puke in their faces every day,” he declared.

Fischer has post-retirement plans

The former Eintracht president wants to start devoting more time now to fight against the growth of the right wing in Germany

“I will be even more involved than before, there are thousands of demonstrations where millions of good citizens and democrats, intelligent people, are on the streets,” he continued.

He also wanted to launch a message of social inclusion and the multiculturalism of his club.

Fischer habla para la tribuna del Eintracht Frankfurt

Fischer habla para la tribuna del Eintracht FrankfurtRONALD WITTEKEFE

“We are a multi-cultural club. We have 112 nationalities with us. There is no place for discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism in sport. Whoever does not comply with this, we will kick him out.”

He analyzed the political situation in Germany at this moment.

“We are experiencing a Weimar 2.0.”

“Coalitions that don’t work. Global economic crisis, energy crisis, war all over the world”.

He is even considering involvement in a political organization in the future.

Before getting serious he also had time to joke about his wishes.

“I still thought Jennifer Lopez would marry me. But that wish in life is not exclusive to me”.

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