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Michael Johnson now an estate agent

Former Manchester City wonderkid Michael Johnson was once tipped for a huge future in the game but is now working as an estate agent at the age of 35.

The former midfielder broke into the Man City first-team at a young age and looked like a very exciting talent, but a number of problems derailed his career.

Johnson was tipped to be an England superstar of the future, but injuries kept him out for a lengthy period and his coaches have since spoken about the fact that he never recovered.

The 35-year-old also had some run-ins with the law, and ended up retiring from football at the age of just 24.

Johnson was recently praised by his former City teammate Micah Richards, who told The Rest Is Football Podcast: “People were saying he was a mix of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

“He was tenacious, he could pass, he could arrive in the box late. He was the best natural player at Man City since Colin Bell.

“He got paid a lot of money at a young age and we’d go out on a Saturday and on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

“He would be the best player in training the next day, he was fitter, as strong as anyone and technically as good.

“But he got injured and when he returned he wasn’t the same player. His posture wasn’t the same afterwards.

“He got back – but he started drinking and there is no way back for him as a footballer.”

Richards added that Johnson is now happy with his job as an estate agent, saying that he now feels his life is better.

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