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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer compares himself to Arteta

There can rarely have been more bizarre comparisons than Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, suggesting he has an affinity with Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners manager has struggled gamely over the past few seasons to get his team to a level that he’s happy with.

At present, the North Londoners are on course to be part of the conversation in one of the most exciting title races in years, though they might find themselves still one or two players short of bagging themselves a long overdue title.

Arsenal supporters can at least appreciate the journey that the manager has taken them on during his tenure, even if the club haven’t yet got over the line in terms of a Premier League crown under the Spaniard.

Sir Keir has always seemingly struggled against the weight of public opinion, and appears to be in that unfortunate position that whatever he does is going to be scrutinised.

There’s a school of thought that Labour can’t win a General Election under him, but it seems that Sir Keir is using the slow burn of Arteta’s time at the helm as the example of how he could overhaul the Conservatives.

“That’s actually an easy one for me at the moment because I feel an affinity with Arteta, the Arsenal manager, because again, if you look at his journey, he was appointed, it was hard to turn that Arsenal team around,” he said to Times Radio (h/t Independent), when asked which football manager he readily identified with.

“To start with people said he can’t do it, there was talk about whether he should continue, and look what he’s done now.”

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