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Jamie Carragher has named the team he wants Man City to face in the Champions League

Jamie Carragher wants Liverpool to have a better chance of winning the Premier League by making Manchester City’s Champions League run as challenging as possible.

A lot of clubs are still in contention to win the league title in May as the campaign’s final stretch draws near.

Although Tottenham and Aston Villa are still in the hunt for the top spot, City, Liverpool, and Arsenal are leading the way.

With 51 points, the Merseyside team leads the way right now, although City and Arsenal are close behind them with 49 points apiece. There are all the ingredients for a highly exciting title chase.

Given that legendary manager Jurgen Klopp will be departing the team in the summer after nine years in command, Liverpool are even more motivated to win it.

Carragher, who is eager to see his team win the Premier League again, wants City and Arsenal to play each other in the Champions League in the hopes that it would divert attention from their respective league campaigns.

Speaking to Gary Neville on Stick to Football, Carragher said: “I’d love Arsenal to get City in the quarters because I think Arsenal are one of the few teams who could knock City out.”

“Is that for Liverpool in the league?” Neville asked, to which Carragher said: “Yeah because when you play an English team in Europe everything ramps up in Europe.

“The press, everything. The league games before and afterwards, this game just becomes so big and that probably would help Liverpool. But we don’t want City to win it again, do we?”

Carragher is correct that Arsenal poses a threat to City in terms of eliminating them from the Champions League. They have already lost to the Gunners this season, so it would be a very difficult draw.

Pep Guardiola’s team has previously performed poorly against Premier League teams in Europe. They have already been eliminated by Liverpool and Tottenham and lost to Chelsea in the 2021 final.

Nevertheless, City’s domestic campaigns have not suffered as a result of playing other English clubs. Every season that the Blues met and lost against Premier League opponents, they won the league title.

Guardiola and City will be doing everything in their power to spoil Klopp’s farewell party at Anfield.

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